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They Treated Me Fairly! I went in to have a speedometer cable repaired or replaced. They took the car out for a test drive to see whether the problem was in the dash or cable--they determined it was the cable. BUT the mechanic had simply tightened it up, saw that it was working--and brought my car back to me. They told me it seemed like it was fixed, but if not then I could call them back to schedule an appointment to have a certain part (which would need to be ordered) installed. They didn't charge me anything--and all the way home (about a 20-minute drive) my speedometer worked just fine. They could have lied to me, ripped me off, replaced a part I didn't need--but they were honest and did NOT do that. How often do we see that in this day and age? I'll definitely go back there if I ever need any repairs!


I took my car here for brakes. I took them somewhere else 6 months ago and had them replaced. A year ago I had the rotors replaced. The mechanic, Stan, was very nice and looked at my car right away. They changed my brakes and rotors and I have a guarantee with them as well. It is nice to know that just because I'm a woman doesnt mean I will get ripped off by someone. Stan made sure that my brakes were safe for me and my children. He said that he wouldn't want his wife and kids to drive around with brakes like that and wanted to make sure my car was safe as well. Its nice to know that some people are still there to help you and not just get your money. I will definately take my car back there!!

Kimberly B.


AAMCO Trans Great!!!! I was deployed when my wife emailed me and told me the transmission was slipping. I had her take it to the old shop where we got all the car work done and they said it just needed a flush. After ten minutes of driving, it was doing the same thing... We looked on line for the closest transmission shop and I called them from Kuwait and told them of the issue. She took the car in and they were able to tell her the real deal and repaired the transmission for a reasonable price. It was nice to know she was being taken care of and not being just told anything because she was a woman like most shops do. John and crew are great ... We now will use them for all our car repair needs.